15cm Micro-Micro 4K Flexible Cable Wire for DJI Lightbridge Gimbal to Sony/Xiaomi Yi/Nikon Camera


Mode: Micro-Micro(D1-D1)
Sale price$14.36 USD


Item name: Micro-Micro Flexible Cable
Weight: 5g
Type: Micro-Micro D1-D1,Micro-Micro D1-D2,Micro-Micro D1-D3,Micro-Micro D2-D2,Micro-Micro D2-D3,Micro-Micro D3-D3
Cable length: 15cm

-Signal anti-interference ability is very strong, camera power supply is more stable
-Micro plug can be used for GH4 G0Pro BMPCC A5000 A6000 A7R A7S
-Convenient for brushless gimbal, steering gear gimbal, Stoudemire gimbal, SLR handheld gimbal, ground monitoring, etc
Note:  the HDMI flexible cable cannot directly transfer the AV signal. You need to buy another adapter box.

Package included:
1 x Micro-Micro 4K Flexible Cable Wire for DJI Lightbridge Gimbal to Sony/G0pro/Xiaomi Yi/Nikon Camera

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